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Yachting Greece, Port Agent Services, Yacht Chartering Greece

Dear yacht owners, brokers,

We are in the midst of preparations for the upcoming summer season and a lot of exciting things have been going on in AM  Yachting.  We have combined forces with Sea Supplies Ltd of Kefalonia (our sister company) and offer a full range of yachting services in both Skiathos and Kefalonia, starting this summer season.  In more detail, in both Skiathos and Kefalonia, we offer:

1. Port Agent Services

In both Skiathos and Kefalonia, we welcome you and your yacht and can offer full support services such as berthing, legalities handling, provisions, fuel supply, VIP services, transfers, laundry, and more.  Please note that you can Home Port in both Skiathos and Kefalonia as they are both points of entry in Greece with international airports as well as customs authorities.  Enlisting or discharge of crew members-legalities handling, charters handling, and more.

2. Yacht Chartering Services

If you have a yacht and wish to offer it for charter, please contact us in either Skiathos or Kefalonia (ask for Mr. Andritsopoulos) to discuss the brokering details.  If you are looking to charter a yacht or rib, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly supplying your name, telephone, email, and preferred time of contact and we will contact you directly to discuss your needs and match you with the perfect yacht for your needs.

3. VIP Services

Your trip with a yacht is a luxury escape and we wish to help you enhance your experience; upon arrival in the ports of Skiathos and/or Kefalonia, members of our local teams will be at your disposal to satisfy your requests.  We invite you to contact us before arrival with any special requests/needs to allow for proper preparation.

4. Car Rental - Transportation

In both Skiathos and Kefalonia, if you inform us in advance of your arrival details we can arrange for the most convenient berthing location as well as any transportation services you may need; please note that we also offer quality cars for rent in Kefalonia-in Skiathos we also offer motorbikes, electric bicycles and ATV's.


ΑΜ Yachting, Rib Chartering, Greece Charters,

ΑΜ Yachting, with many years of presence in the Sporades islands as the sole full-service maritime/port agent has established a charter department that offers charters of modern rib boats and/or yachts for remarkable holidays in Greece.  Charters can begin and finish at the points of interest of our distinguished customers. Please note that we exercise the utmost scrutiny to our crews to ensure that the privacy of our guests is well preserved. 

We invite you to see the select rib photos below and invite you to email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us (as well as WhatsApp) at +306994402464 with your needs so that we can suggest the best type of boat for your needs.

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Latest News

Dear visitors, 

We are happy to inform you that AF Group now offers a comprehensive array of services to all visitors of Skiathos, ranging from accommodation for your holidays, yacht management/support to investment proposals.


 AM Yachting (www.am-yachting.gr)
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